Membership 2024

How can I join Galway Kayak Club?

In order to join Galway Kayak Club (GKC), you must first hold a Canoeing Ireland Level 2 kayak skills award or higher. This is a certificate issued by our governing body, Canoeing Ireland, which establishes that the holder has demonstrated to an assessor that their personal paddling ability meets a standard set out in the paddle skills award framework.

I have a Level 2 skills award, what do I do to join?

Membership for 2024 closes at the end of Feb 24.  Email to enquire if you can join after Feb 2024.  We will facilitate where possible.

I don’t have a Level 2 skills award, what should I do?

Sign up for one of our Adult (i.e.  18 years old or older) Level 2 courses.  We run these courses from April until August.  See further details of our courses here:  Galway Kayak Club: Adult Beginner Courses 2024 (

A Level 2 certificate is a prerequisite for joining GKC as this demonstrates that the paddler is at a basic proficiency level at which they can safely participate in group activities.

Do I need my own equipment or kayak to join the club?

No. Club members have access to all club equipment and a range of different types of kayaks and canoes. We provide buoyancy aids, helmets, basic cagoules and paddles. The club has over 50 kayaks and canoes for a range of disciplines including whitewater kayaks, sea kayaks, canoe polo boats, k boats, freestyle playboats and Canadian canoes. These are available for all club members to use provided all club safety rules are adhered to.

GKC does not provide personal paddling gear such as wetsuits or booties.

What are your safety rules?

Kayaking is a watersport that carries some level of risk. Therefore, GKC must take certain safety precautions. All of our safety information is listed on our Safety page.