Whitewater Kayaking

Whitewater is one of the most practised disciplines within the club and is suitable to all abilities; from new members right through to advanced paddlers. There is a river out there for everyone! The club organises trips to a variety of local rivers (Boluisce, Bundorragha, Dunkellin, Corrib) and some rivers further afield in both Munster and Leinster. New members can expect to learn a variety of skills to help them navigate from point A to point B with multiple opportunities for progression and learning.

This disciple offers the more adventurous adrenaline junkies the thrill they need with a variety of rapids, drops and waterfalls to encounter. With river grades ranging from grade 2 right through to grade 4+, this disciple offers a unique way of exploring the country from a perspective very few get to experience. Along with seeing Ireland in a beautifully unique way, the club also offers trips abroad to the likes of Wales, Scotland and the Alps so that members experience a greater variety of rivers all throughout the year!

For the more competitive out there, fear not, there are plenty of races and competitions throughout the year to get stuck into and to help you aim to improve your skills! 

The multiple joys of the Jurys’ drop