Freestyle Kayaking

This disciple involves the smallest and most responsive of the kayaks. This discipline helps to hone in on those skills that are required for all of the other disciplines, requiring a huge amount of boat control and skill. 

This discipline makes use of a variety of river features such as waves and holes, as well as being practised on flat-water. Freestylers use a combination of core kayaking skills in order to manoeuvre the kayak in a specific routine in order to achieve an impressive move, some of which include; Blunts, McNasty, loop, cartwheel, Phonix Monkey and spins. 

Freestyle is a fantastic way of building confidence on the water, be it on flat-water or features on a river. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved competitively, with Ireland having a strong presence at the World Freestyle Championships at which one of our very own, Sean Noonan competed doing both Ireland and GKC proud!