Club Info

About Us:

Galway Kayak Club was originally established in the 1970’s, growing from the Digital Equipment Corp Trailblazers Club to a full kayak club for the city based in the Waterside opposite Galway Rowing Club. The 1980’s were not kind to Ireland or GKC and the club had ceased to exist by 1987. The club was re-formed in 2007. We have packed a lot into our short life so far and continually look to expand our resources and paddling possibilities. We are based in Galway city. Our members are a mixture of experienced paddlers and those who have only recently discovered the joys of paddling. We try to provide as many opportunities as possible for our members not only to expand their skills but also to have fun, experience the wonders of Irish waterways all in as safe an environment as possible. We also run a successful beginner programme with introductory courses organised every year. We have a thriving junior programme with activities regularly run in the disciplines of polo, river paddling, sea kayaking and surfing. Galway Kayak Club is committed to an inclusive ethos where all members of the club regardless of age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity or religion are treated with respect and have an equal opportunity to progress and pursue their paddling goals in a safe, friendly and fun environment.

How Do I join?

Anyone with a Level 2 Cert from the CI or equivalent is welcome to join the club. Just drop us a mail and we can send along or click the relevant link to the membership application form and payment details.

If you are new to the sport of kayaking you can join one of our beginner courses, which usually run from April to July where you not only have the chance to learn to paddle from our experienced instructors but can also get your Level 2 Cert. Once you have that you can start joining in our regular club events. Alternately, if you have previous experience but don’t have a L2 Cert one of our instructors can assess you for it.

How much is membership?

There are a range of membership rates including adult, junior and unemployed/student as we try to make joining the club as accessible and affordable as possible. Please get in touch with the club for more details about this. Membership is on a Calendar year basis with a roll over until the end of February, and includes use of club gear and facilities, Canoeing Ireland membership and insurance.

What gear does the club provide?

The club has a wide range of boats available for use by club members (river boats, polo boats, sea kayaks, racing boats, playboats) as well as paddles, helmets, spray decks, buoyancy aids, cags and some safety gear. These are free to use for all club members including on club and peer trips (subject to the club’s gear access rules and the usual safety rules). The club does not provide personal paddling gear such as wetsuits, footwear and so on.

There are some facilities for club members to store boats on the club’s premises. There is an annual charge for this. Please note that boats are stored at the owner’s risk and the club does not accept liability for damage, loss or theft of personal gear stored in club facilities. Our insurance does not cover this either.