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    If anyone is interested there is a charity kayak over 2 days for Crumlin Hospital. People can join up when and where ever they want for as long as they want. If the weather is nice might be a fun day out. Details are below use the facebook link at end to find out about any additional details if interested:

    Hello everyone, my name is Paul Kirwan, I am running a charity kayaking event for Crumlin Children’s Hospital
    The event itself is kayaking the full length of the River Boyne, which is about 112 kilometres (70 mile) long on the 23rd of January(I will be walking from the source with kayak in tow until I meet the water).
    The plan is to hopefully kayak two thirds of the way down and camp until the morning and set off again on the 24th paddling to the mouth of the mighty Boyne and turning back and finishing at The Boyne Fishermans Rescue and Recovery Service boathouse, who have kindly agreed to come along for safety and a bit of crack. I am hoping to get a lot raised for Crumlin and would like to invite every kayaker in the Country to take part in the event and please donate €5 or whatever money they could to help the cause.
    I have setup a group page on here, please feel free to add yourself
    PS I won’t be asking anyone to accompany me on the walking part, so you’re safe there.


    Update: Upon further investigation guy appears pretty disorganised and not a clue what he is up to

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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